Two card games that are becoming increasingly popular within the realm of live casino are three card poker and caribbean stud. William Hill Live Casino offer you a chance to play these games in their live dealer casino. Table limits for the games vary between £1 and £5000. Side bets on pairs plus in William Hill's Mayfair three card poker give you the chance to win up to a 1000x your ante bet.

Live Three Card Poker Bets

Live Three card poker is a relatively new game. It was invented in 1994 and is designed to be a faster version of the regular five card poker. It was initially popularised in the US and after a change in gambling regulations was introduced to the UK in 2002. There are two modes of play involving ante and pair plus Wagers. The ante wager is against the dealer's hand whilst the pair plus wager is against a scale of possible poker hands.

How to Play Live Three Card Poker

The game starts with three cards dealt to each player. The dealer's cards are dealt face down. If the player started the hand with an ante bet they now have to raise and bet what is called a play bet. The other option is to fold. The play bet is equal to the ante bet. To enter the game the dealer needs to have a Queen or higher in their face down cards. If the dealer cannot enter the player wins even money on the ante bet. If the dealer enters and the player wins the player wins even on both the ante and play bets. If the dealer wins the player loses all. The scoring is the same as in a game of normal poker. The pair plus bet works independently of the ante and play bets and is based on the poker value of the player's hand.

Caribbean Stud

Caribbean stud like Three Card Poker is a game where you compete only with a dealer, not other players. It also differs from holdem as there is no flop. At the start of the game an ante wager/bet is placed by each player. After this they are dealt five cards. These five cards are your hand. Based on these five cards you decide to raise or fold. If you raise you need to raise twice the amount of your ante bet. After the bets are placed and if the dealer has at least an Ace or a King the players scores are totalled. If the player beats the dealer the player wins even on the ante bet. The winning hand also returns money. The better quality the poker hand the higher the winnings. If however the dealer's hand does not contain at least a King or Ace the player is returned even winnings on their ante bet and the initial play bet is returned in full.