The number seven features prominently in casinos, many slot machines feature the number 7 as a Jackpot related number with three sevens in a row generating a maximum payout. Number 7 is also the winning number in a game of Craps.

An obvious question is why the number seven?

A Spiritual Number

Historically speaking the number seven is of epic biblical proportions. God apparently created the world in seven days and there are also seven deadly sins! This use of the number seven has probably seen it carried over into the construction of the seven day week and the seven dwarves in Snow White. The number seven is also revered in cinema, for example, the Magnificent 7 and less commonly known the seven samurais. In terms of current numerology, the number 7 is considered to represent completeness, fulfillment, and perfection. It is also incidentally the international calling code for Russia!

Connections to Judaism and Donald Trump

In Judaism 7 and 3 are considered to be perfect numbers. In fact, if you add up three sevens you get 21. And you guessed it 2 + 1 = 3! There is an even more peculiar, potential, 777 connection. On the first full day of his presidency, Donald Trump was seventy Years, seven Months and seven days old and the Hebrew calendar year at the time was 5777. Coincidental or not there are more weird coincidences. On the day Barakka Obama left the White House he was 666 months old. That is the same as the total of all the numbers on a roulette wheel.

Superstitious Gambling

Most people have lucky and unlucky numbers, for example, seven can be considered lucky and to some thirteen unlucky. When choosing numbers in roulette or even on deciding to fold or go up to the fifth street in a game of Texas Holdem a certain amount of decision making is influenced by whether a number feels lucky or not. Maybe it is best not to use what you consider to be your lucky numbers or to even consider the adage third time lucky whilst gambling. The significance of the '777' Jackpot is most probably a reference to completeness, as soon as you hit the Jackpot your journey is at an end. Seven as mentioned before is the winning number in craps, however, to refer to it directly is considered bad luck, more often than not it is referred to as 'it'.