Live Hold'em is played in exactly the same way as Texas Hold'em. The live casino has a live dealer who deals the cards on a traditional Texas Hold'em/Poker table. To interact with the dealer you indicate if you are going to raise the pot, knock or fold. It all really depends on what the cards are like and how the other players are competing. Texas Hold'em is a game of wits. Psychology as much as chance is a determining factor in how much you win.

How to Play Live Hold'em

Like all live casino games Live Hold'em is pretty much identical to its real world counterpart. The difference is that there are no players, it is just yourself and a live dealer. The dealer does not handle the bets. All communication is through the mobile or tablet they are using to connect to the casino. The live dealer deals the cards in three stages as they would in a real casino.

Texas Hold'em

The purpose of a game of Texas Hold'em is to beat your opponent by either getting a better hand than them or by bluffing them out of their chips by pretending that you have a great hand. The cards are dealt in three phases. In the first phase each player is dealt two cards. No other players apart from the player who is dealt these cards gets to see them. The next move, phase two, is by the dealer who deals the community cards. Three cards are dealt face up to the center of the table. The outcome of this flop determines how bets are placed, or whether you decide to fold or knock (You can only knock if the pot is not raised). Phase three involves two further cards been dealt as community cards. With all five community cards down the players scores are totalled up.

Card Combinations

Your final hand in Texas Holdem is a combination of your two personal cards and three of the five community cards. The cards are combined in a way to give you the strongest hand possible. The best hand in Texas Holdem is four of a kind. Four aces being an unbeatable hand. A full house, three of one kind and two of another is next. Flushes and straights rank highly, as do three of a kind. A flush is five cards of the same suit. Whilst a straight is five cards in numerical order. For example 9,10,Jack,Queen and King. If you are unfamiliar with the rules of Texas Hold'em we highly recommend watching WSOP (World Series of Poker) or play on the WSOP app. This allows you to play with real players for free.