Live blackjack is the same as authentic blackjack. It is also commonly known as Twenty One or Pontoon. The object of the game is simple, get as close to twenty one as possible with as few cards as possible. In a live blackjack scenario you will be competing against the banker, possibly with other blackjack players. If your score beats the banker they have to payout the equivalent of what you bet.

Basics of Live Blackjack

In a live casino the live blackjack table will have limits on minimum and maximum bets. You choose how much you want to bet before the dealer deals your cards. Part of the game is guessing what cards might be next and the quality of the hand that is simultaneously dealt to the banker. In some casinos you will be able to see the first card that the banker has. However they cannot see yours. The outcome of the game can be one of three scenarios. You win, you lose or the game is a draw. In the event of a draw neither the player nor the banker lose any money. After bets are placed the banker deals you two cards. They then deal themselves one card face up.

How to Play

There are two basic options you can either twist or stick. When you ask a banker to twist they place a card face up in front of you on the casino table. If the total of your two cards and the card on the table is less than 21 you are still in the game. A score over twenty one means you are bust and the banker wins the hand. If your score is still under twenty one you have the option to stick or twist again. Finally if you choose to stick the banker twists cards onto their first card until they either choose to stick or end up bust themselves. When at the end of the game you find that your hand is stronger than the bankers you win. It's a really simple game.