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Live roulette has become one of the most popular live casino games, it plays exactly like it would in a real casino.


Play against a live dealer, use your wits with an element of chance to see how much you can win.


If you are feeling lucky try live baccarat, a true game of chance, can you get your cards to add up to nine.


Compete against other players in a game also known as Pontoon, score 21 with as little cards as possible.

Live Casino - Live Roulette

Let the live dealer spin the wheel and see where the ball lands.

William Hill Live Casino, Genting Casino and Bet365 Live Casino offer live roulette along with other live casino games. In these games, rather than playing with a virtual wheel, you will be streaming with a live dealer spinning the wheel in a real casino. You can talk to the dealer and other players using an in-game chat function making the whole game more immersive than the standard autowheel roulette.

Live Roulette - Live Casino Info

The roulette table consists of a roulette wheel and a cloth known as the layout. The layout matches the type of roulette wheel being used. There are two types of roulette table layouts. One for single zero tables and another for double zero ones.

The traditional American roulette table has the roulette wheel at one end and the layout to the side. The layout is used for placing and collecting bets.

Live Casino, Live Casino Games - Live Roulette

The French table has the roulette wheel in the middle. The layout is either side. Each of the two layouts are identical and are wider and shorter than the American version.

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Live Casino, Live Casino Games - Live Roulette
Live Casino and Live Casino Games
Live Casino and Live Casino Games

Live Casino - Live Holdem

Like all live casino games Live Hold'em is pretty much identical to its real world counterpart. The dealer deals the cards in three stages as they would in a real casino. After the flop players can choose to raise the pot, fold or knock if no player has raised the pot.

Phase One

Each player is dealt two cards. No other players apart from the player who is dealt these cards gets to see them

Phase Two (The Flop)

The live dealer deals the community cards. Three cards are dealt face up in the center of the table.

Phase Three

Two further cards are dealt as community cards. With all five community cards down the players scores are totalled up.

Live Casino and Live Casino Games

Live Casino - Live Blackjack

In a game of live blackjack if your score beats the banker they have to payout the equivalent of what you bet.

In a live casino the live blackjack table will have limits on minimum and maximum bets. You choose how much you want to bet before the dealer deals your cards.

In some casinos you will be able to see the first card that the banker has. However they cannot see yours.

The outcome of the game can be one of three scenarios. You win, you lose or the game is a draw. In the event of a draw neither the player nor the banker lose any money.

After bets are placed the banker deals you two cards. They then deal themselves one card face up.