Responsible Gambling

What is responsible gambling? Defined simply, responsible gambling is about staying in control of how much money you spend whilst gambling online. Never spend what you cannot afford to spend. Always have a fixed budget before you start gambling and almost certainly never let it take over you life. Keep gambling as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are essentially businesses. Their intention is to make a profit in a perfectly legal way. As consumers it is up to us to become aware of their terms and conditions and particularly the different wagering requirements for the myriad of bonuses available. As well as this there is also a responsibility to make sure that the online casino selected for gambling is a recognised and trusted brand. Ladbrokes, William Hill, Jackpot247 and Supercasino are all well known brand names popular through the television and on the high street.

Problem Gambling

Problem gambling can cause an individual to be unhappy, create unnecessary stress and have a negative impact on friends and loved ones. Underperformance at work and diminished energy levels are also signs of an underlying addiction. Gambling problems are more likely to arise if there is a history of gambling in the family or if gambling starts at an early age. With the later of these two issues it is important that parents stay vigilant and ensure that non-adults are not allowed to surf onto casino and gambling related sites. This can be achieved using software such as Net Nanny or Cybersitter. Symptoms of gambling addiction include explosive bouts of anger, arguments with friends and family and returning to win back money you have already lost.

Knowing If You Have a Problem

There are two good websites that promote gambling awareness. These are Gamcare and They contain information on what gambling is, government regulations and how to identify problems. Being aware of potential gambling issues Supercasino and Jackpot247 have pages published about their commitment to responsible gambling. As part of this commitment they have a series of questions you can ask yourself. For example have others ever criticised your gambling? or do you gamble to escape from a boring unhappy life? Basically if you answer yes to questions like these it might be time to stop or take a break.

Online Casino and Its Commitment

All online casinos encourage you to stay in your budget and you have to be 18 or over to create an account. They also provide facilities where you can regulate you own activity by setting deposit limits and controlling the amount of time you spend gambling. You can also opt to time out or self exclude. If you choose to time out your online account is locked for a certain period of time. If you choose to self exclude you close your account to the extent where can only be reopened by taking to online support staff. These steps are designed to help you stay in control and avoid developing what can be classified as a gambling addiction.