Bet365 casino now offer you a chance to compete in Live Hi Lo games. The game is easy, simply predict the value of the next card in any given sequence the closer you get to the final card the greater the cash prize.You can play Hi Lo on Bet365's website between 14:00 GMT – 01:00 GMT daily. Before you consider playing live hi lo at Bet365 Casino take a moment to read about how to play the game.

A new round of Hi Lo begins when a base card is placed in front of the dealer at the centre of the table. After the base card is placed you are given a limited amount of time to place bets on what you believe the next card will be. Will it be higher or will it be lower, simple. All you need to do is make a prediction and then place a stake. The amount you win depends on the odds.

The odds in a game of hi lo vary. For example if the card placed by the dealer is for example a queen the odds of getting a higher card a very low. At the same time the odds of getting a lower card are very high. The lower the odds the higher the payout. In this scenario if you choose higher as the card to follow (this would be a king) and king is drawn you win big. Obviously if you chose lower then you would lose. The other scenario is that you chose lower and a lower card was drawn. in this instance you would win again but not to the same extent as in the previous scenario.

If you win once or consecutively you can withdraw some or all of any of your winnings at any point of the round. You are under no obligation to play things out until the final card is drawn.

hi lo : a hit or stand game