Roulette is a French word and translates into English as Little Wheel. It is considered that both modern day roulette and the roulette wheel is French in origin, the first games played in Paris in the 18th Century. Apart from modernisation and how users interact with the roulette wheel and its croupier the game of roulette is played the same now as it was over 200 years ago.

American and European Roulette Wheels

The original French wheel used to have 38 slots, numbers from one to 36 and a single and double 0. This wheel is still used in America today. In the mid-nineteenth century this wheel was updated to 37 slots and the double 00 slot removed. The odds against winning with a bet on a '0','00', a row, basket, or top line with an American roulette wheel are lower than with a modern day European/French roulette wheel. Both types of roulette wheels are used in live casinos. Take time to spot the difference when playing.

French Roulette Wheel in the UK

The grandfather of website owner Anthony James Miles is credited with opening possibly the first legal UK casino in Port Talbot South Wales. He also introduced the French 'Jost' roulette wheel from the continent. When the Port Talbot casino first opened in 1961 the wheel had to be neutral. If after being spun the roulette wheel and ball scored 0 and if there were no bets on that number, the wheel was spun again. Because of these restrictions the house was unable to profit directly from the game. George also opened a casino on a cruise-liner and built an empire that spanned the UK. The image below shows players around a roulette table, wheel and layout.

A Roulette Wheel and Roulette Wheel from Port Talbot Casino