Live blackjack is a live casino game that is offered by William Hill Live Casino and Bet 365 Casino. Live blackjack can be played on a PC, tablet or iPad and if technology allows (Chromecast or iPad TV) streamed onto the television set. The games are the same as blackjack in a real casino with a croupier dealing all the cards. All you need to do is place bets and choose your options via the device you are using to connect to the live casino. The game of Blackjack is simple, get to a sum of 21 with your cards. Apart from what is known as a five card trick the object of the game is to get this score with as few cards as possible. This means that the best hand in Blackjack is one ace and a suit such as Jacks, Queens or Kings.

Origins of Blackjack

Blackjack, or a game very similar to it, has been around for centuries, the first time it is mentioned in print was in a short story by Cervantes (the author of Don Quixote). Two of the characters in this story are cheats at a game called 'Ventiuna' (very similar to 'Vingt-et-un', another name for blackjack meaning 'twenty one'), as Cervantes was quite the dedicated gambler himself, the description of the game was clear and unmistakeable. The game 'Vingt-et-un' was known in France during the seventeenth century, from here it spread to America and Canada as Europeans immigrated to the states in the 19th Century.

Why call a game Blackjack?

The name twenty one, vingt-et-un, ventiuna etc. have quite an obvious origin, as they all represent the number you're aiming to hit but go no higher than. However the name 'blackjack' isn't as obvious. Some people say that it originated from the early days of the game in American gambling houses; the story says that to allure people into playing the game, they created bonuses on certain hands.

These bonuses gave a massive ten to one pay-out. Eventually, enough people were playing the game that the gambling houses took away the bonuses, however the name blackjack stuck. Today we still have a blackjack hand and see it as the best hand you can get, however it refers to any two cards which make up 21, rather than the specific 2 cards you'd have to receive.

Live Blackjack, How To Play

Live blackjack is the same as authentic blackjack. It is also commonly known as Twenty One or Pontoon. The object of the game is simple, get as close to twenty one as possible with as few cards as possible. In a live blackjack scenario you will be competing against the banker, possibly with other blackjack players. If your score beats the banker they have to payout the equivalent of what you bet.

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Hi Lo : A Hit or Stand Game

Bet365 casino now offer you a chance to compete in Live Hi Lo games. The game is easy, simply predict the value of the next card in any given sequence the closer you get to the final card the greater the cash prize.

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