Live Casino Reviews

We have been devoting our time to bringing you as much information about live casino as we possibly can. The live casino reviews are designed to introduce you to the UK’s most reputable live casino’s. As well as reviewing the game play we have been taking a look at other important aspects of the game. Before you take time to read the live casino reviews why not familiarise yourself with important information on casino deposit bonuses.

Casino Deposit Bonuses

One thing which is certainly good news for fans of live casino is that there are plenty of casino deposit bonuses available. Online casinos are in competition with each other to get new registrants, hence bonuses such as the sign up bonus. The size of the sign up bonus you can get your hands on varies from casino to casino.

Live Casino Reviews: Deposit Amounts

The most genorous bonus we have identified is currently with Genting Casino. They will match your initial deposit by 100% up to £1000. If you have less money to deposit maybe consider Jackpot 247’s current bonus of 400% up to £400. This means that to qualify for the maximum bonus of £400 you just need to deposit £100. Ladbrokes online casino also has a substantial sign up bonus. You can get up to £500 in a 100% match deposit. Our live casino reviews also indicate that William Hill Live Casino, Supercasino and Bet365 all have slightly lower sign up incentives, but in many instances have superior quality game play.

Wagering Requirements

With sign up bonuses available at nearly every online casino it is important to stop and consider wagering requirements. The way it works in most online casinos is that the money you first use is your actual deposit. The bonus you received is held in reserve. If you spend your deposit and start to play with your deposit bonus the terms governing how you can access your winning change. If you win with your sign up bonus you may have to wager a set amount of money in order to qualify for complete withdrawal status. This is not as bad as it sounds, for example there are opportunities to play without losing on live casino roulette.

Live Casino Reviews: Wagering Polices

Wagering polices vary between casino, the amount you need to wager is obviously dependent on the size and type of bonus you receive. The larger the bonus the more you need to wager if you want to withdraw what you win with your bonus. Also how much you need to wager is dependent on the online casino you choose to play with; terms and conditions are variable.

Fulfilling Wagering Requirements

Another point, and it is important, is that when you wager not always a 100% of the bet is used to fulfill the wagering requirement. In many instances the most popular live casino games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat sometimes only contribute 20% towards fulfilling your wagering requirements. So for example if you bet £1 (the normal minimum bet) only £0.20 goes towards helping you meet your wagering requirements. We are pleased to say that this is not always the case. In many online casinos roulette games count a 100% towards fulfilling wagering requirements. In all online casinos when playing slots a 100% of your bet goes towards helping you meet the wagering requirements.